The Best Time To Travel Spiti Valley?

Since I had so much to write about “Travel Spiti Valley”, I have decided to create a comprehensive guide. This guide will have articles related to places to travel in Spiti Valley, Places to eat, How to survive on mountains and much more. You can access the articles for this guide by clicking the link for “Ultimate Guide For Spiti Valley Travel“. In the last few articles I share the “places to visit“, “places to eat” “way to spiti valley” and how to cope up with AMS, “Acute Mountain Sickness.

Best Time To Travel Spiti Valley By Road

Lets take a comprehensive approach in traveling Spiti Valley by road. There are few options available, based on your convenience you can decide the route yourself.

April to Mid-May

Snow starts to melt and some link roads starts to open up including the road to Losar from Kaza. Opening of Kunzum Pass and further road towards Manali from Kunzum Pass, takes more time. Furthermore it generally gets open in the month of June only. However, conditions in Spiti Valley become bearable and journey to spiti Valley is not that hard this period.

In fact season starts to open in these two months only when adventurists from various parts of the country comes to Spiti Valley. Hotels just start to come out of hibernation and things starts to arrive in Spiti Valley on frequent basis. If you are interested in watching snow studded peaks, want to play in snow then this is the ideal time to be in Spiti Valley.

This time in Spiti Valley you will encounter breath taking scenic views like in the video below.

Mid – May to Mid – July

This is the actual main season in Spiti Valley when loads of tourist make their journey over here. Season eventually takes rapid move as the road to Manali over Kunzum Pass also open by second week of June. Mostly all the link roads to various sightseeing places or remote villages in Spiti Valley are open in this period.

Furthermore you can plan your visit accordingly. Hotels are all open with full facilities, there is quite a lot of hustle bustle of tourists all around in Spiti Valley. Even Chandratal lake becomes accessible in the month of June soon after the Kunzum Pass opens. Well, it is one of the good time to be in Spiti Valley and a desperate retreat from the HEAT of northern cities of India.

Chandratal Lake In Spiti Valley
Chandratal Lake In Spiti Valley
Mid – July to August

This is the time when monsoon is in full flurry in Kinnaur. Also do understand that Kinnaur is not a place to be at especially in rains with its history of massive landslides. In this period, roads are almost in horrible state as compared to rest of the year especially in Kinnaur Valley. Having said all that, it does not mean that it is not a season for Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley falls under Trans Himalayan region which is generally rain shadowed. However in recent past rains have started to reach even Spiti though not that much just frequent drizzles and overcast skies.

So, generally this time shall be avoided. If possible and only chance shall be taken when you have enough number of buffer days in hand. This helps to face intermittent delays or even cancellation of the trip. Once, you reach Spiti Valley, things remain mostly OK. However do not forget that you have to return via either Manali or Kinnaur again. Which will experience good monsoon rains, especially Rohtang Pass will be in big mess.

September to mid-October

is the time which is my favourite. This is the time when autumn colours of Spiti are blooming with oranges leaves on the trees. Enhancing the beauty of magnificent backdrops by many levels. The aqua colours of water in the river just adds jewels to the pristine beauty all around Spiti Valley. The conditions at night and morning is quite cold, at some parts, almost close to 2-3 degree Celsius.

So do carry heavy woolens at this time of the year with you. You can also get your hands on super delicious Spiti Apples around Tabo or Hurling and even in Kaza at house of locals. DO NOT miss to taste them or buy them if possible. I am sure you would not have tasted such an apple before. If you are a snow lover then you will not like this month as almost all the peaks around you would be naked without any snow on them.

With snow melting this is a common view in the month of October.
With snow melting this is a common view in the month of October.
November to March

These are generally winter months in Spiti Valley. Furthermore while traveling you go through lots of hardships of ice on the roads, lack of electricity, extreme winter conditions. Sub zero temperatures topped with basic facilities as most of the guest houses gets closed. Kunzum Pass gets closed by November for next 6-7 months. So one cannot complete the circuit from Shimla – Kinnaur to Manali during this period. It is to be noted that in this winter period, the water in the taps freeze.

People depend upon hand pump water at certain places or boiled water in buckets. Kaza, especially suffer from shortage of water in these months and wash rooms are big nightmares without tap water. So, in all this period, the life is not that easy. In this period, the link roads to various places like Geyu Mummy, Pin Valley, Kibber, Gette, Komik, Langza, Losar ahead of Kaza etc. in Spiti Valley remain closed as well.

Hence, you can only make a trip upto Kaza on this route and there is always a chance of closure of roads for few days if it continues to snow for a period of time during winters.


Still confused?? Well, in the end, I can say if you love lovely vivid colors of nature or photographer, love less tourists around you at the cost of snow around then make a journey in the month of September. Otherwise, if you are one of those snow lovers then make the journey in the period of Mid-May to June.