Budget Stay -Finding Cheap Accommodation

Finding budget stay in India, with the induced concept of backpacking, I would say that this has now become a very cost efficient method of cutting down your cost from your entire travelling expense. It’s been almost 8 months that I have been pack packing and going on solo travels, and I get a lot of concerns around the choice that I make while choosing my stay, off course I do not want to spend much on it.

While there are some hostels that offer dorm rooms for as low as 50 INR per night, budget hotels are more than plentiful and quite inexpensive as well, making such accommodation my accommodation of choice while travelling.

For the most part, in just about any town or city, you can get a somewhat grubby private room with a private bathroom in a budget hotel for around 300 – 500 INR per night. In some locations you can find such a private room for 150 INR and in others, especially Mumbai, you might have to pay closer to 1000 INR per night if you want a room with walls that reach the ceiling and mattresses that are thicker than a piece of cardboard.

Here’s some more details about what kind of accommodation exists in India:

Dorm Room: As cheap as it comes at around 50 – 100 INR per night, poor conditions, questionably clean toilet facilities, usually men-only

Budget Room: For 250 – 500 INR per night, you get a large bed with thin (often hard) mattress, sparse furniture, dirty walls, plug outlets that spark, somewhat clean private bathroom, sometimes with hot water shower (available during set times)

Deluxe Budget Room: 500 Rps – 1000 INR typically gets you a more spacious room, with 24 hour hot water, more comfy mattress, television, some furniture and more of a ‘hotel feel’

Deluxe Room: For 1000+ INR per night, you can get a nice room, usually still with some marks on the walls and less than sparkling bathroom, but with proper mattress, more furniture, perhaps a desk, large television, air-conditioning and hotel staff that are significantly more attentive.

Now when I travel I do not often look for luxury, however I do not particularity am inclined in staying at a place with gross living conditions. I do not look for a dorm room or a budget room, rather I look for a deluxe room. But is it worth spending 500 to 1000 INR/day for this? I guess not!

With the boom in tourism domain, a lot of travel portals have evolved. These travel portals or website in lieu of competition with one another break down the staying rates so heavily that it becomes easy for anyone to get a deluxe room under 500 INR.

Will give you an example, This coming weekend of April 2016 first week, I would be traveling to Mount Abu with one of my friend. I managed to book a decent deluxe hotel with a famous travel portal goes by the name of GOIBIBO.

Look at the screenshots below of this site to understand it better.

The original deal on the listing was of 1000 INR for 2 people. (Single Room) Taken from GOIBIBO for Mount Abu.

Budget Stay

Looks like a pretty decent hotel! Ain’t it!

The final deal that I took from them for 2 people, post the discount which they were offering me was a God damn 380 INR. (beat that for a price) This is exactly why I like booking though travel portals. Plus they give you free room service and a free WiFi.

Look the top heading on this hotel listing, they are already giving you a flat discount of 45% and if you have some GOCASH left you can use a % amount of it as well. GOCASH works on the same principle of any online wallet.

This goes without saying for any backpacker, you can looking for dirty dorm rooms for a mere 50-100 INR a day, but if you ca stretch your budget a little then go for any decent hotel thought any travel portal, you will be amazed by the discounts they offer.

I hope this post must have opened the doors for budget stay in India, for any questions please drop in a comment at the end of the page. Happy back packing!