Thursday, June 29, 2017
Spiti Valley Travel Guide

Spiti Valley Travel Guide

Spiti Valley Travel Guide For First Time Travelers

Spiti Valley travel guide brings you articles related to my travel trips to the barren desert. This category will have articles related to travel, places to stay, places to eat and health related issues. Surviving on mountains can be a tiresome task, for the same I bring you a comprehensive "Spiti Valley Travel Guide".

Separated from fertile Lahaul by the soaring 4551m Kunzum La, Spiti is another chunk of Tibet marooned in India. The scattered villages in this serrated moonscape arrive like mirages. Clusters of whitewashed mud-brick homes huddled amid green barley fields below monasteries perched on crags a thousand feet above. The turquoise-grey ribbon of the Spiti River is your near-constant companion. Running along a fairly broad valley before turning south at Sumdo into the precipitous gorges of the Hangrang Valley.

In many ways Spiti is even more rugged and remote than Ladakh. However buses do run over the Kunzum La from Manali from mid-June to mid-October. Also the road from Kinnaur is open all year except in winter snowfall and monsoon landslides and floods. The Spiti–Kinnaur loop is one of Asia's great road trips with a steady stream of motorcyclists. Mountain bikers and drivers of all kinds of four-wheelers, pit themselves against some of the most challenging roads in India.