Monday, June 26, 2017
Start A Travel Blog

Start A Travel Blog

Start Travel Blog Of Your Own

Ever since I thought about starting my own travel blog, I was kind of mesmerized by the way people blog and earn money from it and pursue their passion at the same time. I wanted to do the same and as a result of this thinking was born. People often start a blog looking at the way other are making money out of it and start with almost no market research and end up failing. I did not wanted to be a failure, so took advise from a lot of people in the field already. Everyone whom I talked and were running a successful blog had the same view. Blog has to be a representation of your hobby or passion. Imagine someone whose hobby is traveling and passion as photography opening a beauty blog. Wouldn't work! This is because he/she would have nothing to write about as the talked domain is not of their interest.

Start Blogging Using WordPress

Start Blogging by the most easiest platform available in today technical era. WordPress is getting popular with most of the newbies who want to get their name to be embossed in the word wide abyss these days. The foremost reason of the unique platform getting popular is that it is very easy to use. This does not require any technical knowledge to start with. And the person can make his/her own professional website in matter of days.

The Myth 

Well most of the WordPress bloggers would tell you to that you can make you website up and running in matter of hours. However jotting down the reality that it does take a little more time then that. When I started blogging it took me a year to start minting money. I was new and there were a very few WordPress blogs written by people that too most of them were misleading. I have decided to put across a series of articles as how you can start you own travel blog. These articles will help you in creating your own website. We would not just guide you with the old boring text as done on a lot of websites. There are going to be a lot of interactive videos and pictures to help you out along with the articles as well.

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