Club Nirvana – Phenomenal Hangout Place in Manali

Never had even a slightest idea in the world, that I would hanging out in one of the most happening clubs in Manali. “Club Nirvana” Yup right it is!

In anticipation of my friends arriving from Delhi, my guts woke me up early in the morning. Only to learn that sleep can be extended till noon, thanks to the congested traffic of Manali. Almost everybody trying to get to this amazing summer chilling place, the traffic can be a night mare for you in Manali. Must have called Charles at-least a few hundred times, before I embraced the destiny and headed to the local market for some food.

Mall Road

The most crowded place in all Manali, however this local market can cater all your needs.

Mall Road

Most of the crowd can be seen on Mall road at dusk. People enjoy in cafe’s and also enjoy shopping at various outlets on Mall road. Unlike Shimla Mall Road, Manali Mall road is not an iconic high street. Instead it is a crowded stretch, housing the bus stand, taxi stand, ATM, market and the tourism office. Hotels on Manali Mall Road is not suggested for those looking forward to spend a quiet holiday in a hill resort. You can take a hotel right in the town center, however you will have to compromise on the views.

Company Arrival

About noon I got my company from Delhi. They wanted to check in to a hotel as they were dead tired, and did not have any energy to roam around Manali after a monstrous 20 hour drive from Jaipur to Manali.

Company from Delhi

They look fresh! Don’t they?

Charles knew a person, whom he met when he came to Manali a few years back. Hemant was the name! Hemant is a trekking freak and enjoy’s the most, in hilly areas with friends. We did not take much time to get acquainted with him. I looked at him and instantly knew he is the guy, who will make our trip a memorable one! Please visit my section of Book A Tour, for booking any tour in Manali.

Hemant @ Manali

We reached one of the local bike shop, where you get bikes for rent. This bike joint is owned by Hemant. He recognized Charles and immediately made arrangements for our stay.

Sometimes the place where you enjoy make such a lasting effect, that you forget the place where you stayed. I literally cant remember the name of the hotel where we stayed, but I do remember the club in which we had so much fun. Just below the hotel is “Club Nirvana”.

Ohh yeah! Remembered the name of the hotel, It is “Hotel River Bank Inn”. Comfy rooms in affordable price, and a must recommend to all.

Club Nirvana

Threw our luggage in the room and straight away headed to the club below. Club Nirvana is one of it’s kind. Best cafe of old Manali, with serving delicacies which cannot be missed to the slightest. The owner is fabulous with hospitality and not just confined to a limited domain. Meet Arjun Verma, from Simla.

Arjun Verma@ Club Nirvana

He does not like warm climate at all, which forced him to open a kick *ss club in Manali, which is now getting popular among youth traveling here. The exceptional food with warm hospitality and amazing crowd just adds up and put everything together perfectly for club nirvana.

Club Nirvana

Security at the club beefed up post 10:00 PM, this is where the cream crowd of Manali Meets.

I recommend everyone to please visit Manali and do not think about staying at anyplace else, than river bank inn.  No club can get as better as club nirvana.

After our drinks and other mind altering delicacies in the club, we wanted to take rest as the next day was full of adventure. Hemant had something planned for us which would include trekking till Tosh village. I don’t even know when did I dozed off, again in anticipation of the next day being an amazing day.