Are You Looking For Economical Yet Luxurious Stay? Look For Hotel Roop Mahal!

My visit to Jaisalmer had a lot of things packed in the pandora’s box. The stay was one of the feature which I liked and enjoyed to the fullest. I reached early in the morning at 6:00 AM through train. I was a little troubled because normally hotels have a strict check in and check out timings. Thought I might have to wait for few hours before check in to my hotel i.e Hotel Roop Mahal. However the manager in charge was most courteous and decided to give me a room well before the check in time.

I was in a state of crux as I knew that the standard room which I booked, might not be upto my expectations. Generally they are not as they are meant for backpackers and people traveling on low budget. However the case was opposite.

Room View

View of the room

The room was big and comfortably set. Also the fact that there was enough stress being laid out of the place being neat and clean was a joy.

Hotel Writeup: Hotel Roop Mahal holds the accolade for being able to provide travelers and guests with the best view of the only living fort in the world. Located in the wonderful city of Jaisalmer, India, the hotel is based in a peaceful a calm, relaxing area outside the famous Jaisalmer Fort. Which is only walking distance away and offers affordable, modern facilities to please. And also cater for every different type of traveler foreign or domestic.

Meet The Owner

Chandra Singh, even though he owned the whole property, he was one gem of a guys and very down to earth. He started Hotel Roop Mahal about a decade ago and from then have build up a rock solid clientele with the help of his competent staff and service quality.

Candra Singh: Owner of Hotel Roop Mahal

He has worked and provided services to a large number of people including few celebrity here in India and abroad. Recent example was the famous bollywood celebrity and loved by all , Mr Irfan Khan.

Chandra SIngh With Irfan Khan

The Rooftop Restaurant

One the rooftop of Hotel Roop Mahal, a restaurant serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies is set. The food is delicious and is a must have. The best part was the non-vegetarian food from the restaurant, cooked by Ustad Ji, having the taste of Rajasthani spices and flavor. Once more thing that I liked about the restaurant that it does not keep a day old chicken into freezers like other hotels do. If you want to eat mean, you need to give the order an hour advance. Meat is brought fresh from the market and then prepared for you.

View From The Rooftop

View from the roof is ecstatic. Also words can’t describe what the pictures and video would show you.

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Pictures speak a thousand words.

View of the fort
View of Fort from rooftop restaurant

The Restaurant Looks


Meet The Helper

Vikram Singh, just the age of 15 he is helping in his uncle’s work in the restaurant. Wonderful guy and anything that you requires, he would be of great help.


Besides the stay Chandra Singh, is been into an upgradation mode and slong with stay have induced few more things to his itinerary.

Chandra Singh: Hotel Roop Mahal also offers various Camel Safari Tours. Which is a company called ‘Dream The Desert’ which was started by Chandra in 1985. His expertise and knowledge from riding many camels and running many safari tours, assisted him in making ‘Dream The Desert’ Safari Tours. Tours are longer and with a more non-touristic feel then other safaris, all over the Deserts of Rajasthan. So information on the different cultures, wildlife and traditions of the Thar Desert is always close at hand. The Camel Men are also there to teach you the ways of the desert, including camel riding, cooking and traditional safari techniques. Safety and hospitality is their main intentions to tourists who go on the exciting safaris and they all can speak good English.

Incase you want to call up and enquire about the stay and facilities. Also you can reach their website on Hotel Roop Mahal

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Happy staying and keep traveling.