Essentials For Nainital – What To Pack Without Over Packing!

Essentials For Nainital, I especially wanted to write about it, since only couple of days are left for my upcoming trip. I have been talking a lot on forums and indulging in conversation on the very same topic with a lot of fellow travelers. Different people carry different opinions on what are the essentials for Nainital. What you should pack before heading out of your home and considering the fact that you should not over pack. That’s what the vacation is all about I guess! You do not want to pack heavy and instead of enjoying you end up taking care of your luggage.

Post talking to a lot of travelers folks, I have the list which I am going to follow on my trip to Nainital. The moto would be quite simple.

Pack Light and Right

ID-Always keep your Identity Card to avoid hassle while checking in your hotels. etc. This is a must go, I am going to carry my identity card which is the basic travel ingredient need to gain access to any hotels or the place where you are staying in.

Digital Camera-There is no fun if you are on vacation and you do not have a proper imagery equipment to capture the breath taking moments which you want to capture. As a travel blogger, this is a must for me. Not just my DSLR, But all the essentials with it, which includes few memory cards in case I decide to go for HDR, back up batteries for my camera and all the cleaning equipment. (It generally fits into a small DSLR bag) While travelling hills it is always advisable to carry Binoculars for better view but these are optional.

Mobile Phone, batteries and chargers-Mobile phones are almost everything in today’s life, in order to keep in touch with your family and friends, this is must. Always remember to keep a pair of extra battery and chargers if you plan to go on a long trip. You never know when it may come handy!

Holiday Documentation, Tickets, Driver’s licenses-I book most of my stay from GOIBIBO, and they generally send all the booking details to you on email and the same is conveyed to the hotel as well, still to be on the safer side I carry a copy of my booking. Driving licence is necessary these days, why? It’s because the major tourist attractions which are scattered across India are now giving options of renting motor bikes, this cuts down the immense cost of booking cabs which  puts a major dent in your pockets. For renting off course first thing they see is your drivers licences.

Woolen Clothes-Jackets, woolen will be needed in winter season. I just check on the weather update for Nainital, shows the temperature of 7 degrees, which gets your brain almost to the freezing point. Be sure to carry woolen clothes, which I am going to carry.

Nainital Temperature
Sports Shoes incase you like nature walks and to pack slippers are must-The place that I have booked is uphill 12KM’s from Nainital, this requires me to undertake 12 KM’s of road trip and 2.5 KM’s or trekking. Now you must know why am I adding sports shoes in my travel pack. You do not want o be strolling through the jungle with your slippers.

Choose a big bag-The first thing you should always keep in mind is to carry not more than two suitcases. Ideally, you should look around for one large suitcase/backpack to accommodate everything. Make sure the suitcase is not too heavy and is easy to cart along, wherever you go. I normally do not carry a big suitcase, my rug sack covers all my requirements.

Do not overload the toiletries-You can easily buy some more while you’re out there or borrow from your co-travelers. So, do not complicate things by packing unnecessary items. Think simple; carry a regular toothbrush and not a big electric one and also a smaller towel.

Where to draw the line when it comes to packing Essentials For Nainital?

A lot of people don’t know when to draw the line when it comes to packing clothing and shoes. The first thing to remember is that you’re not immigrating to the place and hence you don’t need to empty out your entire closet into your suitcase. List the number of days you are visiting a place and pack your clothes accordingly. Don’t be afraid to repeat your clothes, after all it’s just a trip. Don’t be wary about doing the laundry by yourself.