Being Fit While Traveling-Side Effect Of Gym

This question is being asked by a lot of fellow travelers, as how be fit while traveling. I recently posted seeking help from fitness experts to suggest the way and exercises which can help in being fit. Normally 90% of the people head towards gym when it comes to being in shape. Well gym does not solve all the problems, rather it adds on to a lot of issues.

Although It’s nice to take inspiration from body builders and craft your body like they way the professionals do. On the contrary it has certain side effects too. Going regularly to Gym may not have any side effects, however when you stop going to the Gym, that’s when the problems starts popping up.

First let’s put down few side effects of Gym

Weight Put On

Almost being fit for an year way back in 2008, I started feeling nice & confident about my self. Then suddenly because of my corporate career, I stopped going to Gym. The first effect that I saw was, My body started getting bulky with flab and fats getting accumulated around my tummy.


This is the first side effect, you tend to gain a lot of weight and that too at a faster rate once you stop going to Gym.

Until and unless you have firm determination that you can continue your Gym schedule, do not join, as the flabby tummy does not look good.

Development of Joint Pain

Once you stop going to Gym, and furthermore when you stop doing the basic exercises on a daily routine.


You tend to develop joint pains which can last a life time. Even though you stop going to Gym, it is always recommended that you should take out at-least 1 hour on a daily basis for basic exercises.

Joint pain can be lot annoying especially when it comes to trekking long distances.

I being To Loose My Muscle Strength

I notices this when I started doing doing some heavy lifting post, I stopped going to Gym.


A routine workout in the Gym not only adds strength to your muscles but it also maintains it. But when you stop going to the Gym, your muscle strength starts to decline gradually. And yo can actually feel the weakness at one point of time.

Now when I was hitting the Gym regularly, I used to lift about 50-60 KG’s. However when I stopped going to Gym, even 20 KG’s was like a lot and also at times, I was left with few torn muscles.

I Developed Muscle Pain

Post leaving Gym, I had constant pain in my muscles. Even lifting hand above my head was a pain at times. muscle-pain

The muscles which were built forcefully while working out extensively in the gym starts to lose causing pain to the body. It is due to the gradual tear of the muscles.

Now when you have stopped working out extensively. Your muscles do not get the workout which they are accustomed to. This leads to wear and tear of muscles.

Hearth Fitness Goes For A Toss

Now when you join any Gym, the fitness instructor begins your routine with the cardio vascular fitness programs.

You’re right, treadmills, cycling, floor exercises etc. Now when you stop going to Gym and stop exercising the cardio vascular activities drops.

Just consider your heart as any mechanical engine with nuts and bolt’s. What happens if you use your car for a long time and regularly and suddenly you stop using it. Try starting the engine then, same applies with your hearth. In order for your heart to function properly, it needs to have a continuous workout. When you stop going to the Gym, there is even a decline in the Cardiovascular fitness. For several weeks of having stopped going to the Gym, it remains healthy and fit but later on it starts to decline.

Summing Up: The youths very easily get fascinated by the six-pack abs or the body builders for that matter. In the later years, with the advent of Cinema, body building pervaded the youth’s mind worldwide. And it turned to be a fashion rather than being a necessity.

People ignored the natural ways to stay fit and joined the Gym culture surpassing its side effects. Now I am not dead set against using Gym to get in shape, however only use it if you can keep going regularly. 

This is my first article in the Fitness niche. Stay tuned and subscribe as we would be putting more health articles emphasizing the fact of being staying healthy while traveling.