Jaipur Marathon – Run For A Noble Cause. Shall We!

February 14th 2016, i wont remember this day like i have been remembering each year by celebrating Valentines Day, but on the contrary i will remember this day when the pink city ran for healthy lifestyle in Jaipur Marathon. This day was not about late Sunday’s morning and lethargic late sleep, it was the time for early waking up and sweaty running regime. We had our ID Tag’s sorted out with the famous NGO “Naya Savera” however due to extra security posted all around JLN Marg, it got really hard to get to Albert Hall, which was the starting point of Jaipur Marathon. It was great to see the security beefed up in lieu of the Marathon, we could see barricades all along JLN, it did cause a little trouble for daily commuters, but i guess if our administration can do this for brutally corrupt politician, why not for Jaipur Marathon runners!

Getting up early in the morning is tough, especially when you are not in that quotidian habit of doing it. It seems like taking pain to run for charity is not for everyone. We ran, posted our pictures on social media, the people who did not had courage could only send thumbs up signs on social media. I wonder why people could not take an extra little pain of getting up for mere 2 hours in a matter of 365 days. On the contrary, i saw a lot of people getting up as early as 5 AM in the morning and getting ready for Jaipur Marathon. My companion for this Marathon was my office colleague. I met Vishal at about 7:00 AM, which was already too late to even think about reaching to Albert Hall with the security barricades and blocked roads.


Apparently he did get quite pally with the cop, who was trying to get students out for their morning classes, taking permission from his superiors through intense security barricades.

All dressed up we thought of jogging where everyone was going, watching the flair that Jaipur Marathon had and the number of people who turned up for it. Pictures proves it!

Event at this massive scale, where entire city is involved not just requires appropriate authority putting up road blocks at different places, but it also involves authority and medial services to be at their toes. We could see Interceptors, Ambulance services & people offering water and biscuits offering at every 500 yards.

This was an event organised by Kotak Manhinda Bank, however it did not stop other partner business entities to leave their imprints on the way.


Besides all the advertisements from sponsors and the energy filled atmosphere, i was very amazed to see the age difference of the participants. From a boy who was mere 12 years old to someone as elderly as 60 years old, the kind of inventiveness inspiration that these souls induced was literally adrenaline filled. Then i realized something which was taught in an instant by a man running with me, whose age was 60 years. It’s not about how hard life can get, it’s about how hard you can get hit by your life and keep coming back. Salute!!!!

Since we were too busy in jogging, i could not concentrate much on my camera, but i still managed to capture few candid images. Running requires motivation, and there was an abundance of it. Whether you talk about dance groups or sponsor groups organizing dance and motivational event. There was plenty! Even “Bhag Milkha Bhag” made it’s place with Red FM.

Given the nature of sports, its not surprising that athletes have had some inspiring and motivational things to say about hard work, leadership, perseverance, winning, and much more. Much more than that, even if they do not say, the attitude tell us everything. At times in my life i do get a little apprehensive in admitting the fact that there is much more that i need to contribute, to what i have already done. I do not know if you have seen this movie or not! But every time i see this motivational clip from the movie “Any given Sunday” by everyone’s favorite “Al Pacino” pumps up all the adrenaline that is required for me to triumph. Until next time on my blog…enjoy this video!