What I learnt About Long Distance Cycling & Traveling

This is something that every traveler craves about. More traveling and less expense. I have traveled most of the time during last year and I spent a bomb on my traveling expense. One thing I always wanted to eradicate with long distance cycling. Not only it keeps you fit, but cut’s down the cost immensely. There are a lot of myths about long distance cycling which were broken when I bought my first bike. Furthermore decided to travel on bike. Few things you should keep in your mind while going for long distance cycling.

Expensive Bikes

There are cycles ranging from few thousands to few lac in the market. Expensive isn’t always good. Choosing bike depends upon you entirely. I research for a month before purchasing my first bike. Long distance cycling can become a pain if you do not choose the right bike and right gears. The choice of bike depends on your comfort and no other choosing factor. Choose a bike that you can ride comfortably for a long distance. Post checking a lot of options I finally went for “Huge HDT-10” this is an ideal bike for long distance and mountain paths. You can check few of the bikes here.

Huge HDT-10

Tough frame work and a combination of 22 gears give you everything that you need.

Clip In Pedals/Cleated Shoes

I started my bike tour with “Cleated shoes” and pedals, and quickly learned that I didn’t need them. About 3/4 of the cyclists I came across wore cleats/clip-ins though, and some thought I were crazy for not using them! To me, shoes and clips are a little on the pricey end, and unless you’re a serious cyclist you probably won’t notice a difference in your pedaling. Plus, you’ll fall over a lot when you start using them, and people in cars will laugh at you. (Just me?) Click here to check “Cleated Shoes” & “Clip In Pedals“.

Ton’s Of Money

You really do not need tons of money to get on a bike and travel. When I first started traveling I was more confined to posh hotels and expensive food.

Need Money@Shutterholic

Sooner I realized that my bank roll was draining too quickly. Now a days when I am out traveling I do not take public transport or for that matter my car. I stick to using my bike for fitness and also it gives you ample opportunity to discover what’s not been discovered on the road. I generally spend less that 500 bucks a day, which I maximum that I go for.

Bike Repair Knowledge

You might find this funny, but I actually went to a cycle repair shop and learnt how to repair a flat tire. When indulging in long distance cycling you never know what you will encounter to so it’s better to prepared for the worst. With time I have gathered knowledge about the breaks/Gear systems as well, which cones in handy at times.

Bike Clothing

Too much clothing can be an issue and will take a lot of place. When going on a tour I generally prefer to carry 3 pairs of cycling shorts & T shirts. This saves a lot of space and if you are familiar with backpacking, you may also know the importance of washing clothes daily and the laundry concept. Too many clothes will occupy your backpack, which will leave no space of important things like your camera and other important things. Also, almost every town has a place to do your laundry, so it’s very likely that you’ll be able to wash your dirty pair while wearing your clean pair, and switch when necessary. Click here to purchase “Cycling Shorts“.

Physical Fitness

You don’t need to be in great physical shape to do a tour. You can do 50 to 100 KM’s a day. If you start preparing the way people have posted on the internet, it would be difficult for you to start your tour. As you would be stuck in training always. I heard about all of these situations, and the underlying theme throughout is that mental toughness trumps physical fitness. Hills suck, this is true. The wind can be awful, without a doubt. But the best part is, none of these things will stop you. As long as you don’t lose it mentally, your body will follow. Just make sure you take breaks every now and then and give your legs a rest!