Visiting Tanot Post Sunset

Even though my last article was about how you can cut down travel cost by renting bike in Jaisalmer. However on the contrary, I would not advise taking this ride after the sun sets in the desert. If you are solo, try and cover the distance to Tanot in the day time. Visiting Tanot can be quite a tricky task.

The guy who rented the bike, advised me to come back before sunset, else stay in Tanot for the night and coming next morning. Out of curiosity I asked him if there was any specific reason for this.

Why shouldn’t you?

I was traveling solo and a single rider may not be able to counter act, in case of any emergency. For e.g. flat tyre, anything wrong goes in the bike, medical emergency. Especially in night it becomes very hard to find help as the stretch from Jaisalmer to Tanot has 60 KM’s stretch in between which is totally isolated and deserted.

Watch the video which I made on the way..

They recently had a guy, who took royal enfield and went post sunset. With a flat tyre and with no towing service, the guy towed the bike for 15 km’s till Ramgarh. He returned with the help of the bike tours agency at midnight around 1:30 AM in night. Scary!!

How did I reach?

Since I was traveling alone and post sunset I wanted to attend the Aarti, bike was not an options for me. I took the public transport to Tanot. Now one should keep in mind that there is only one bus which operates from Jaisalmer to Tanot. Or in other words, BSF has given permission to one single bus to operate between Jaisalmer and tanot. This bus operates at 4:00 PM in the evening and gets you just before the BSF starts the aarti.

The bus fare is about 100 INR for one way, the next morning bus again starts at 7:00 AM and get’s to Jaisalmer by 9:30 AM. Perfect for me! More economical then renting bike. Had I been with friends whom I met the next day, I would have taken bikes on rent. Nevertheless saved a lot of money though!! Ain’t it!

Bus Stoppage

Since the route and trip duration is only for about 3 hours or less, it make one stop. The stop is at town of Ramgarh. The bus stops for a little tea break and just before entering Tanot, the bus stops of 5 minutes in a small temple.

Bus stop just before Tanot Mata
Bus stop just before Tanot Mata

Although there are shops available for everything which is necessary, however you wont find need to anything as BSF has everything at Tanot for survival.