Rajasthali Resort – A day off from office

Nestled among the Aravallis –Rajasthali Resort represents the amazing conjunction of kingly Rajasthan and quaint Aravallis. Well we decided to take a day off from our busy schedule to find out if the statement in the starting is true or not? Undoubtedly the most difficult task in any venture is to decide on a place to hangout for the employees. Your life screws you everyday, we decided to screw the life and chill the ***k out at this resort. We made trillion plans before finalizing the place, where we wanted to go. Now most of the official trips are bloody boring, i mean you see all those faces for 6 days, why would you want to see them again on the day when you are taking off. Significance of the line mentioned above has totally changed for me after this trip. I would love to be a part of every outing which will be official, especially with the company of all the lunatics i had including myself. (Also since it’s company paid….Yahoooo!!!!)

The hard part of any road trip is the most difficult one for me, which is “Getting Early”. It becomes more difficult when you buddy’s are constantly ringing your phone to wake you up and you forgot to keep your cell on silent mode the last night. (After parties are bad) Somehow i did managed to get up with a bad hangover and answered my friend Rohan, that i will not sleep it off but going to pick all juveniles in about 20 minutes. (Juvenile-that’s whats they think at the age of 35) So it began, i picked up Rohan and Gurvinder and headed towards Rajasthali. The car runs on fuel, the same is the concept of human body. We came out of the city and decided to pick few cans of fuel for our body.


Yeah guess what beer cans. Now we were fully loaded..burpppp. We began our journey it was a 15 minutes drive on Delhi highway. Rajasthali resort comes on left side if you are driving from Jaipur. The entrance will give you blissful euphoric feeling. We parked and we clicked……

Just on the entry there is a reception cum check point where all are requested to gather and then the golf car looking thing or camel ride takes you inside the report. The golf car was a little too advanced so we tried a little stone age approach. Guess what the poor camel almost died dragging us to the resort. (Need to shed extra calories)

Finally we reached the resort and like hungry animals we unleashed on the perfectly low calorie breakfast. (Actually we stopped eating from the time we heard that breakfast is unlimited and in package) The Jharokha Cafe & Lounge is too beautiful to be actually in existence. If you want to see what it looks like Click Here. We had our perfect calorie diet and headed to the pool area. Now pool was a little disappointment as it is not very deep so the swimmers may not find it very fascinating and spellbinding. However on the contrary it is good for non swimmers like me and other alligators with whom i went with. All we had to do was float like alligator and have our quota of beers. (Perfect Day)

For sports enthusiasts there are options of playing cricket or table tennis. I really wanted to get in the pool, however i forgot that i was standing with few Tendulkar’s & Bradman’s, so eagerly wanted to show their cricketing talent. So we got into two teams and started the match hoping that it will not end too early. It’s funny that we played a 5 overs match each side which ended in 7 overs as the performance of Gurvinder’s team was exceptional in making us win the match. (He was in the other team and their game totally sucked-Do not tell him this!)

Finally the cricket ended and we rushed towards the pool to chill out. Pool was fun, it was actually fun watching 8 men playing with 2 balls. (No double meaning guys) We did play with balls, that too all kind of stupid games that one can imagine. The games were kind of childish, but hell ya! Who cares? The camaraderie that we had, made the games entertaining.

Eating is equally important as drinking, keeps you healthy and reduces adverse effect on you vital spirit sucking organs. If you do not want them to rot in hell, i strongly advise you to eat something along with the drinks, else you will end up living like someone from Estonia. Why Estonia, google yourself..!

The Jharokha Cafe & Lounge restaurant serves amazing food. The food is well cooked and is a bliss for your taste buds. Buffets are amazingly awesome and are a must try. The menu was exquisite with unique dishes. The food served was light on oils and spices unlike many five star Indian restaurants in Jaipur, but there seemed to be no compromise on quality and taste. We ordered mostly non vegetarian food as most of us were hungry carnivores. For our herbivorous friends….We left them with paneer and whatever you guys want to call all those green looking dodgy dishes made with plants..!!! For my carnivorous buddies please note that chicken tikka is a must try, tasty as heaven.

I am no writer, i just try jotting down all the crap that comes in my mind occasionally. I think the pictures above tells us all, rather than my elaborated text. In a nut shell if i need to sum it up, it would be; We enjoyed to the core, savored lovely drinks, got insanely freaking high, became adrenaline junky, got our pics clicked as celebs, became tuna in the pool & off course headed back to our monotonous, dull and boring city life.

Thank you Mir, Kamlesh, Divya (Official Photographer), Sandhya, Anirudh, Jitendra, Rohan, Gurvinder, Gaurav &Sukhi for making this a great voyage.

As i keep mentioning in all my road trips that this ain’t gonna be the last, you wanna still see more road trips coming on my blog, and as always next one is going to be filled with more fun and with more epinephrine induced. Keep you anxiety level high and wait for the next one.

Till that time…adiós amigos!!!!!!!

Varun Tyagi