Hassle Free Travel To Golden City, Ways To Reach Jaisalmer

I always wanted to visit Jaisalmer, however the extreme heat of Rajasthan always kept me on a back foot. With winters approaching I though it would be a perfect time for me to explore the golden city of Rajasthan. The feeling of boredom was already creeping up as it was a while after my trip to Spiti Valley, I was out travelling. There are few ways to reach Jaisalmer. Do not get this confused this city with the other easily accessible tourist spots of Rajasthan.

 Also being a border area it can at times get difficult to reach the place of sand dunes.

Mode Of Transport To Reach Jaisalmer


Sadly Jaisalmer has one airport which is mostly used to military purpose. There are very few charter flights. Also the time which these charter flights take and the process of boarding and exit from the terminal is the same. (This is due to extra scrutiny because Jaisalmer is a border area)


I met a guy on my way in the train and he took the charter flight once, however was not at all happy. Most of the airlines do not operate here as the passenger inflow is very less. The profitability goes for a toss. Even if you take a flight till Bikaner, it’s not worth as the situation is same there. So by air is a big no no!


Now imagine if you would have to sit in the same position for hours and that too on a bumpy road. Forget about jet lags, this can give you nightmares and beat you down physically. There are a lot of bus operators, both private and government that offer deluxe, semi deluxe and Volvo services from Jaipur to Jaisalmer.


Until and unless you are pretty much acquainted with long distance bus travel, I would not recommend this. Furthermore there is no space to roam around and gives a little relaxation to your legs. If you ask me, I would not really be keen on taking a bus journey that too 12+ hours long. A cab from Jaipur to Jaisalmer, takes around 12 hours. The cost of cabs ranges from INR 9 to INR 24 per kilometre, depending upon the type of the car. Travelling by cabs is recommended for families, senior citizens and groups. However only advisable when you are in a group or born rich if you are traveling solo.


I found this the only viable option, giving ease of travel. Furthermore there are quite a few options available from Jaipur. I have listed these four train options below which you can choose as per your convenience. Also click of the picture to get to the mail railway info page for further information.


For booking from the Indian Railway website click here.

I took Leelan Express which departs from Jaipur around 4:00 PM and gets you to Jaisalmer in 12 hours. With train fare almost identical to buses, it gives you plenty of room to roam around and get your legs straight if you are tired of sitting. It has sleeper chambers which helps you in taking a quick nap through the journey.


The places covered between Jaipur to Jaisalmer include Delhi – 31 km – > Rewari Junction – 51 km – > Alwar Junction – 75 km – > Bandikui Junction – 135 km – > Jaipur Junction – 83 km – > Merta Road Junction – 207 km – > Jodhpur Junction – 130 km – > Phalodi Junction – 63 km – > Jaisalmer. Station coverage may depend on the train that you are booking.

Note: I took train as it is the easiest way of transport and gets you a lots of convenience. Also I would personally recommend taking train, enjoying the journey, make friends through out the way. Time flies like anything and before you realize you would be in Jaisalmer. I think I head someone saying that we have reached Jaisalmer, it’s time for me to close my laptop and head to my hotel.

I am going to continue this tomorrow, it’s time for me to take rest and replenish my energy level.