Going To Auto Expo…Naaaat! It’s Sariska National Park

Sariska National Park is well nestled in the Aravali Hills covering 800 sq km area divided into the grasslands, dry deciduous forests, sheer cliffs and rocky landscape. Whether you want to have camel safaris, go out for shopping in the surrounding places, visit medieval palaces or wildlife watching; Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place for you in case you are looking for a weekend getaway.

Passes all arraigned, hype created, all pumped up to witness the biggest Auto Expo of all times was a big failure. Funny thing is that, this was never the plan. It was something else which was indeed and amazingly screwd by a late night party and my over spontaneous soul. Post attending a late night party at Bella Casa, i was almost certain that this weekend i would be home. Few friends in your life always act as fuel in pumping your over charged brain and spontaneous soul. Interesting conversation with a hungover party guy and the fuel friend…Interesting!! Read on!

Vishal Calling Varun

Vishal: Hello

Varun: Hmm

Vishal: Sir ji chalna hai kahi?

Varun: Hmmm

Vishal: Kaha chalna hai?

Varun: Hmmmmm

Vishal: Bolo kaha chalna hai?

Varun: Meeting in 30 mins.

The state of mind did not allow me to mumble anything but hmmm, finally we met and started our road trip to Alwar and we thought of visiting Sariska National Park as well as it was on the way. Let me tell you something, when two buggers meet who share the same magnitude of brain disaster jokes, the world falls apart. A lot of things that enjoyed may not make sense to a lot of people, but to those who are actively involved with us, It’s fun!

Sign Board

Even the sign board does not know the distance. Courtesy: Rajasthan Government

Most important ingredient on a road trip especially when guys only are going, you know it already. We picked up couple of beers and headed to our destination.

Beer Boy

Now the road i must say is very well maintained and is being care care off. Only one toll plaza in the way which charges 59.00 INR for a one side trip.

Post gulping down couple of beers on our way we did a lot of amazing things. One of which hunting for the next wine shop to get more. Finding wine shop, that too on the highway is tough, but we did manage to find one. Whose help did we take?


This gentleman did not just guide us to the scared place of young disciples, but also made a very delicious salad which is a must go with any beverage. However this was not enough and it never is. We did indulge in getting “Chakna” for us by cooking on the road. You might find this hard to believe, but below pictures proves it.

Post having this delicious “chakna”, do not mind the word delicious as we were anyways too high to even realize the taste of what we were eating. We just went with the flow! Now an ugly habit that i have developed over years is not carrying appropriate cash when i comes to travelling. Guys please note that there is a massive shortage of ATM’s on this belt, please carry cash else you might run into trouble. We literally had no money to pay for the entry tickets of Sariska National Park. However when is a will there is always a way, even if there is no way, we will construct one. The way is full of our beloved ancestors, and a few souls you may encounter.

Thanks to Mr Khemani, who did managed to get 500 INR note for our entry flipping through his bag, which was in fact our life savior. Else we would have drove at least 30 KM’s for a bloody ATM.

Life Savior

Now this park has two entrances, one for tiger reserve which we did no take as there is no sense in “two tigers from Jaipur meeting others”, and another one which is anti tigers. I mean it’s open for general public who can drive their own vehicles. For Tiger reserve you will have to hire a jeep or a cantor, they generally charge 3500 INR+ for 6 people. Rest depends on your negotiation skills.

Now the park part is fun, although the road sucks, and is kinda old broken traditional road, you know may be they thought of giving it a very raw look but they messed with the road party pretty badly. NEVER DRIVE YOU OWN VEHICLE ELSE YOU MIGHT WANA TAKE YOUR RIDE OUT FOR BROKEN ALIGNMENT THE NEXT DAY.

Post visiting the park, we handed over the brochure which was given to us with some basic instructions. I would be glad to announce that did not follow even a single one of them.


Sariska National Park was over and we headed to Alwar City, to meet one and only ladies charmer and our beloved friend Ram Naidu. By the way brother a very nice arrangement done for the night with tasty delicious meat. The only part i regret is not driving to the location we all intended to go, especially our “Bana” Vishal. I did somehow got this thinking of saluting GOD for not letting me drive on that night. Else……you know!

Tiring day, the only thing which was in my mind was “sleep”. So we did as the next day was full of surprises for us.

We woke up and headed straight to Ramu’s home for an unforgettable break fast. Home cooked “Allu ka Prantha” with amazing “Kheer”, thanks mom. This was not just delicious, but the love it had as an ingredient really stuffed us. I had to literally buy a lemonade to get myself ease off with the quantity of breakfast i had. Ramu, i had a detailed conversation with dadi, brother you cant hide this time. You are getting married, that’s for sure.

We really wanted to head back to Jaipur, however we did not even knew that this naughty imbecile has arrived in Alwar, after getting to know that we were in his hometown. We met “chotu”, he was going to be my travel buddy for rest of the trip.

Do not get me wrong i know this picture is a little ******!


Vishal for you i have no words brother, if there is a big gun, or if there is none. It’s all the same to you.


Now this is supposed to be a national heritage as per my understanding. However you would be delighted to know that our educated population does what not to our national heritage. Look at the live examples below. (First one is real funny)

It was kind of an OK fort, but not being taken care off properly. Post giving a visit to the fort, we headed for an amazing location popularly known as Siliserh Lake. Spread over an area of 7 sq km, the Siliserh Lake forms the backdrop of Siliserh Palace, which has presently been converted into a heritage hotel. Lot of migratory birds arrive at the Siliserh Lake which is located within the forested inclines of the Aravalli Hills.

Siliserh Lake is situated just 13 KMS from Alwar city and also can be used as stop over before you move on Sariska National Park, Lake is that beautiful that every one want to stay for some more time, Lovely Siliserh Lake Palace provides option for stay with a breath taking view of 10.5 KMS lake, Beautiful back drops of Aravalli hills adds it beauty , One can spend many hours by just having a look of the lake from Terrace of Lake Palace Siliserh

Fishing in the lake is a major activity. From the balcony of the palace hotel, the lake can be seen sprawling across a wide expanse. The best part-You can hold your gatherings at this place. Surrounded by water this 5000 INR/hour place is exciting with breath taking view.


Reaching this place is easy as you get a lot of boat’s on rent here. You can either hire one, or if you wish to be a sailor, you can operate one at your own risk.


Post covering forts and the lakes, we wanted to go to another place famous for a waterfall. The intentions were pretty clear, if it was not for the amazingly screwd up “Alwar roads” we would have definitely gone to this waterfall place. However we headed back to Jaipur, where our corporate life was screaming our names to get us back in the civilization. No offense to Alwar City, but someone needs to do something with that place, at least build road where there are tourist attractions. Better yet, take care of it too.

The place if taken care off can be a real asset to the state of Rajasthan, but i do not think anyone is going to pay attention to these minute details. Anyways we had fun to the fullest, which was more important rather then getting into critics. There were a lot of moments which are not possible to share in this open forum, but people who together made this road trip successful, knows what am i talking about.

Please refer below gallery to see all the pictures for Alwar Trip.

Until next time the only statement i can make to my fellow travelers is “Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller that’s what i have become”.




  1. Sir ji, special thnks to navigators whose eyes n mouth says to go straight,but their hand indicates some other direction.