Saturday Night Live – Location: Mahal Khandela

If the words “Saturday Night Live” means letting your hair down and trip and twirl to loud music, occasionally indulging in a sip of a well-concocted drink or finger-licking food, then Jaipur will make sure that you get enough of it. This Saturday was an exception to all those lazy Saturdays which have made me lotuseater, watching TV all day. Traveling with family can be a wonderful, frustrating, memorable, miserable, wacky and wild experience. All of the above, probably on just one trip. Navigating these waters can be tricky for first time. On the contrary family trips are important and can induce more fun than a solo trip. I have always created excuses for not taking a family vacation/trip. Either there is too much work to be completed or there wasn’t enough time.

I got a call from my brother to hang out at a resort (kind Off) with the family, this place however with the awesomeness that it carried, rejuvenated my soul.

Welcome to Mahal Khandela

“Boutique Heritage Hotel Mahal Khandela (A Unit of Parkland Hospitality) is located in the finest & quietest residential area of Jaipur, just 2.5 km from City Center. Each employee of this family-managed property is imbued with a desire to go the extra mile to make the guest’s stay an unforgettable experience. The hotel offers exquisitely furnished rooms, all opening on wide verandahs.

It provides sumptuous breakfast and delicious meals prepared by expert chefs. Guests can choose to dine in our restaurant or the inner courtyard that has a beautiful waterfall. A great feeling of openness permeates throughout the hotel” Well that’s what the hotel has to say about them and I respectfully agree with them. They have got a beautiful ambiance for any occasions that you may have in your mind.

Now do not get confused like we got and instead of going to “Mahal Khandela”, we stepped in to “Khandela Haveli”. It was embarrassing though, but hey, Anyone could get confused. These are two different properties adjacent to each other run by the same family. You can check out more details of this resort by visiting their website. They have got a nice page on Facebook as well, If you like them, follow them on there Facebook page.

Post our embarrassment and fighting over where to start our Saturday party, we finally sat in the King’s Chamber. Yup that’s correct! The view of this hall with paintings and valuable artifacts were mind blowing. Please agree to disagree if the message is not conveyed, from the images embedded below.

Talk about food, finger licking good! The only exception I can probably make, is the roasted chicken that I ordered turned out to be fried chicken. On the second thought, who cares as long as it’s chicken. Commendable job done on Chili chicken, this was exactly the kind of food that’ll make you close your eyes, lean back, and whisper “yessss.”

Post our delicious sides that we ordered which were necessary, you know why? We had amazing dinner at the fine dining area.

The fun was unlimited and the pictures proves it, can’t write everything in here along with the stuff that is a big no no for sharing.

The water danced like diamonds. The moon was glaring at us elegantly . Laughter blurted out, and a chilled drink was near to our hands. The last picture made my day!

Pool Fun

Finally we returned to our caves where our corporate life was screaming that we have only have a day left to rest. Big thanks to all who were a part of this beautiful evening!