Sher Vilas – Tiger’s Retreat

My last article was about couple of week’s back. I mean the travel one! It’s tough to get off from your home in scorching summer heat of Rajasthan. Weather is changing dramatically, with the monsoons kicking the door steps, I wanted to get out of Jaipur and spend a quality time as last week was full of bad surprises. Me: Had a long conversation with my brother about we heading out from Jaipur to a place where we could get peace, that’s what I look for. Something that is away from city’s chaotic life and something that could induce peace for a little while.

Although I have visited Ranthambore before, but with office colleague with a little pinch of family’s delight. It was a quite journey with a a lot of picturesque beauty being captured. I was not keep too much on going back again, but you can’t say no to a brother, especially when he gives you tow options. Either go to Pushkar in this heat where your skin burns to the core in the month of May, or go to Ranthambore, enjoy some greenery whilst you wander around the forest area. I choose the later!

We guys have this ugly habit of leaving late and we as usual carried this tradition this time with utmost precision. Got out with sun blazing on top of our head like the blazing Jonny Blaze in Ghost Rider! I could not get much time to click on the way as the time was consumed by our gossips. It was when we reached “Sher Vilas“, I realized that I had a camera with me!

Sher Vilas is an amazing place..just look at what they have to say about them.

“SHER VILAS RANTHAMBORE is One Of The Finest Wilderness Resort In Ranthambhore and a Perfect Choice for Travelers who Love Wildlife. Ranthambhore National Park IS Just 5 kms and Booking Office For Jungle Safari IS Just 600 meters From Sher Vilas Wilderness Tented Resort, All The Maharaja Tents are Facing To Swimming Pool and Garden, Resort Also Have Other Amenities Like, Horse Riding, Indoor, Outdoors Games, Spa , Massage, Evening Rajasthani Cultural Programs and Documentary OF Ranthambhore National Park.

SHER VILAS RANTHAMBORE offers, 15 Maharaja A/C Tents, The Maharaja/Swiss tents have been beautifully designed by our in-house designers who have taken care of the minutest details. Aesthetically done furniture with beautiful Sanganeri Block Printing interiors are waiting to greet you at Wilderness Destination Ranthambhore. Last but not the least our Maharaja Tents are all Eco-friendly, fully secured, Fire resistant, water proof, and Lockable.

. Each Tents Is Equipped With The Modern Amenities and Surrounded by Beautiful Landscape and Mountain And Jungle Facing , That Gives Peaceful and Wilderness Experience Throughout The Stay. And Inhouse Activities Keeps Guests All The Time Engaged.

Sher Vilas Ranthambhore have beautifully and elegantly decorated tents covering 20×10 centre room with wooden furniture 10×5 veranda with Chairs Facing To Swimming Pool, Telephone Extension, 10×5 attached bathroom equipped with modern amenities.”

I agree to dis-agree on few facts! Read On!

Reality Check

We checked into our tent’s straight away! They were a beauty, no bricks no walls, just cloth hanging everywhere! Absolute feeling of a jungle safari. See for you self..

Post hitting our royal thrones in our tent, we headed to the pool side which was adjacent to our tents. Not a critique: These guys need to handle the cleanliness of pool in off season. The pool was fine when we went submerged in it, post the attack of few underage “Soldiers”, It all went ballistic!  Soap in the pool, and worst part is that the filer system was not working! There was no way, I was getting into it!

Pool Side

We decided to retreat back to our camping site as we were too tired and wanted to start with our evening retreat. I did mange to stroll around the resort and capture a glittery glimpse of “Sher Vilas”.

Sunset from this resort is awesome and amazing!


So was the traditional folk music!

Folk Music & Dance

Not to mention that the food was amazing, the dinner is equipped with both veg and non veg delicacies! Din’t get the pictures as the drinks were enough to get us tipsy!

Breakfast next day was amazing!

Everything that you can expect from a resort which specializes in giving traditional treatment to foreign people!

Summing Up: Not worth staying and spending a bomb as the place is not being take care of properly.

Food: No doubt it tasty and the taste buds go for a dancing party!

Guess what we are planning trip again to Ranthambhore! may be this time we would  has drinks with the tiger! Who knows, but surely it’s not “sher vilas” for sure!