Travel Checklist – What To Pack When Traveling

One thing which will keep on changing as your travel destinations is your travel checklist, the essentials that you carry on your trip. Each place that you go to and experience will have a massive effect on what you will carry the next time when you are heading for an adventure. Since the time i traveled for fun with friends, and the time now when i am active blogger and mostly do solo backpacking trips, has forced me to change the way i travel and what luggage i travel with. I now carry a lot of stuff associated with my blogging. For an e.g. i never thought about carrying a laptop along with me, however it is a very essential travel component now. Your thoughts can flow at anytime and you need a digital imprinter of your thoughts along with you, every time you go on a trip. This post will help you in packing all the essential things that you need to carry with you, however i would also state the fact that the luggage capacity and components depends a lot from person to person and your trip type.

What should i carry for my trip? (Complex Travel Checklist)

I would say as less as possible. You don’t want to get over burdened with luggage and have a back pain by the end of the day carrying your travel bag. Only take the essential stuff, I take only the essentials and if I really need something, I buy it. It’s not that hard to find medicine, clothes, or an umbrella anywhere. The answer to the above mentioned question according to me is below.


I carry a good shirt and a jean’s if i need to be a part of something which is a little exotic. If in case you have an issue in getting the jeans dried up (Happens mostly in coastal and rainy area’s), You can have an option of Khakhi pants. make sure that you have couple of boxer shorts and t-shirts to roam around when you are capturing everything in your digital optical device. Sneakers and flip-flops are a must with at-least 4 pair of socks. Now when you go solo travelling you would like to cut a lot on your budget and you will have to stay in budget hotels and lodge’s. Always remember to carry 2 pair of towels as you might not find them in the budget rental places.


This is very basic and includes things that you use on a daily basis. When i travel below are the things that i feel is mandatory for me to carry for my personal hygiene.

Small bottle of shampoo
Small bottle of shower gel
Hair gel


You are going to a new and a very unexpected place. If you’re undergoing any sort of treatment, carry all the prescribed medicines by your doctor. In case you need a general first aid components, you can get them in any first aid box. The rest depends on your lifestyle and the place you belong to. For e.g. someone coming from a hilly area (used to fresh clean air) to a city might need anti allergic, i have seen people with a pollution mask as well. (You never know!!) What i carry is bandages and hand sanitizer, which are enough to sustain me on my trip. Rest medical help is available in every corner of the world.

GEARS (Bloggers, Video Makers, Travel freaks)

I started travel blogging about 6 months back and at first i did not thought about carrying my gears, however with more trips and documenting each one of them, i felt the need of carrying all essential gears that i need. Now when i am traveling i carry every needed gadgets like.



Android Phone with Map Feature

Universal Power Charger


Along with all the essential component list that i have shared, i carry two most important things in respect to security and protection of my luggage. A key combination lock, in India YES YOU NEED IT. Keeps you baggage secure especially when you are taking cheap mode of transports in India. Second important thing is a rain cover for my luggage and a raincoat for me. This is important especially when you are carrying your electronic gear, to make sure it is safe when it’s raining cats and dogs people.

Now for people who are traveling for months, generally carry a rucksack. Rucksack is big and has a lot of space. We generally have tendency to fill up empty space, thereby making our luggage bulky and stuffed with unwanted things which we do not even need. My suggestion would be to carry a small backpack, it will cut down the space and hence your luggage. (Just an advice)

To sum it up, there is no perfect list when it comes to making a travel checklist. There is never a definitive packing list. Everyone has different needs. My list suits my needs, It might not suit yours. The above mentioned list suit’s my requirement and hence it is good for me. You might have a different travel checklist depending upon your needs.

Please post a comment in case of any question that you might have for travel checklist. I would be more than glad to answer it !!