Travel Manali For An Unforgettable Voyage

This time it was not about wolf pack to travel Manali. I remember how me and my friends were trolled about making Manali as some place nearby our house where we go every weekend. We already had 4 trips to Manali and it was getting bore as hell. We wanted to discover other places like “vashisht“, “Laddakh” & “Spiti Valley“. This time it was not just about exploring places. The reason we went to Manali this time was to attend birthday of our friend Arjun. Arjun you might remember the guy who owns a cafe in Manali by the name of Cafe Nirvana.

Jaipur To Delhi

Delhi is a mess, I feel no remorse in saying.delhi traffic

I still drove all the way to Gurgaon as I had a bit of luggage with me. I met one of my trip companion “Charles” in Gurgaon. We had our bus the same day in evening. Besides the “hukka” I enjoyed, there was nothing which Gurgaon had to offer.

Delhi To Manali

We caught a bus from Delhi at about 6:00 PM, which was supposed to reach Manali next morning by 8:00 AM. Two of our companions joined from the bus stop. Welcome Nishank & Krishna! Now there are quite a few options to reach Manali, the best way is by catching over night bus. Number of private and government Volvo buses are at disposal.

Note: Watch out for over pricing of private buses. They often lure passengers by making fake promises and commitments. For e.g. the bus in which we traveled was from “Leo travels” and they advertised that they had WiFi in the bus. The case was opposite!


Now as you know that every bus driver has some sort of commission tied up with the local food establishments. I would urge you to not have anything from those establishments. They over charge for everything and the bill looks horrendous. We stopped at “Green Valley Dhaba”, the food was pathetic and the price was soaring up the sky. We paid 800 bucks for 4 people which included just “Daal & Roti”. Would recommend to pack light food stuff instead of making Dhaba’s like this rich.

Morning Tea Stop

While in sleep I knew that we were uphill as the temperature begin to dip and we had to turn off our AC vents in the bus. The Volvo coming from Delhi makes only two stops, one for dinner and one at around 4 AM near “Mandi“.

I have been to Manali on a number of occasions and every time the bus stops at this amazing place which serves amazing tea which is a bliss to the taste buds.

Reaching Manali

We dozed off after our dinner and woke up about 60 KM’s from Manali. I clubbed together with a nice trance to show you the “Manali Morning”.

Me and Charles were awake, however two of our companions did manage to sleep the whole way through.

We reached at around 8 in the morning.

Reaching Manali


Arjun’s birthday was due next day, so had an entire day at our disposal. Me and Charles had already been to Kasol & Tosh, however our two new companions did not. We hired a cab to take us there along with our good friend Hemant. First day in Himachal was in a frenzy, we took a road trip to Tosh, Kasol & Manikaran. Although we did not stop much in the middle, however while returning back to Manali we decided to have a pit stop at Kasol for a little “Bite to Eat”.

Kasol Fuck Up

This was hilarious on an epic level. We checked in to a nice restaurant in Kasol. Me and Charles were the only non vegetarian, rest Nishank & Krishna were pure vegetarians. They ordered some vegetarian stuff which I had no clue about, and Charles ordered some chicken dishes. Now normally there is a vast difference between a veg Manchurian and fried chicken. I had no clue, was it the air in Kasol or what? People got high enough as our vegetarian friends totally forgot the difference of taste between veg Manchurian and fried chicken. Our beloved pure vegetarians had an entire plate of fried chicken without realizing, thinking it was veg Manchurian. Burrrrppp….! This was the first LOL moment for our trip. Bad luck Nishant & Krishna! This is going to be a secret between us!

End Of Day One

The return to Manali after making brief stops were infuriated by Arjun’s birthday. Won’t be able to disclose the pics and videos for this party as we were too occupied in enjoyment. This guy does know how to throw a party of what. We slept at about 2 in the morning thinking about the trip to Vashisht which was already in line the next morning.

Learning from Day 1: There is always a difference in fried chicken and veg Manchurian. Do ask the waiter if you are not sure. Also Hunger can change a lot of things.