Cycling Gears You Need For A Long Trip

Hunting for the coolest cycling gears? The best bike accessories can improve your time, and help you ride more safely and comfortably. Whether you’re looking for gloves, glasses, bags, racks, lights, or heart rate monitors, there’s something cool and practical on this list that will appeal to you.

When I first started long distance cycling, I was confused with so many gadgets in the market. Trying to lure you, the gadget companies have come up with a number of gadgets. However not all the required. Few of the important one’s I have listed in this article.

A Good Cycle

If you go strolling in the market for a new bicycle, the market is flooded with tons of them. Ranging from anywhere between 10 K to over 5 Lacs. Now for long distance you really do not need a very expensive bike. Any bike with a strong chassis and good quality gear adjustments would do. When I started researching in the market, I was being exposed to a dozen of options. Finally I picked up a mediocre range bicycle costing 13 K INR. Huge HDT 10, strong chassis and shimano 21 gear combination.

Huge HDT-10

Ideal for long distance and riding on the mountains. There are variety of bicycles in the market. Click here to look at the few options available.

Cycle Helmet

Safety being the most important concern in today’s world, a good cycle helmet is necessary.

Cycle Helmet

A helmet is one of the most important cycling accessories you can buy. Your brain is a valuable, vulnerable organ, yet it’s only protected by a thin layer of bone and skin. We were never designed to hit the roads at 50kph, or go hurling down rock-infested hills, so adding an extra layer of protection is an incredibly good idea. You can buy one by clicking the link here.

Water Proof Cycle Computer

A cyclocomputer or cyclometer is a device mounted on a bicycle that calculates and displays trip information, similar to the instruments in the dashboard of a car. The computer with display, or head unit, usually is attached to the handlebar for easy viewing. Furthermore the choices in the market are too many and you can choose the equipment as per your requirement. Also make sure that you choose a water proof device for your bicycle.

Cycle Computer_Water Proof

Click here to check the options available.

Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal

Cycling is not always done on hilly unoccupied areas. Mostly when I cycle, it is through the state highways, which are filled with plenty of idiots driving their vehicle as they own the entire road. Never the less the indicators on your bike can be very helpful, as they give a heads up to the traffic incoming from behind.


Click here to check indicator lights.

Cycling Shorts

Tight, black or brightly colored spandex bike shorts may look a bit strange to some people, but for a cyclist, bike shorts, and other essential bike gear offer both comfort and function on the bike. Furthermore these also protects the groin area.

Cycling Shorts

Click here to buy cycling shorts.

These components are for beginners. Furthermore there are many gadgets available in the market. However for beginners, these are the starters. With due course of time and more cycling you can look for other gadgets, which are cool to use and gives more insight to your cycling.