Thursday, June 29, 2017


Indian Travel Video Blog bring to you all the video’s that I have captured on my travel escapades.

India is a country which is truly one with nature. Moreover the beautiful beaches spread over the vast Indian coastline is a proof of this. Every place in India is unique, some tranquil and isolated while others filled with vibrant life.

“Travel videos” is one of the largest subjects on YouTube, and also video is the wave of the future in the travel industry. The classic example of YouTube. A video sharing society who has digitized the age of capturing travel moments.

Why Video?

Even though I’m a writer, I admit that video is the next big thing. Humans love video. Humans are visual creatures. Video gives us a special connection to the content we are watching. It makes everything seem more real and alive.

Video is already everywhere in our society. We upload videos from our phones, we watch cat videos on YouTube, we Snapchat. We search for videos to help us tie a bow tie or plant a garden or put on makeup. With better bandwidth and smartphones in everyone’s hand, we’re consuming video like never before. Read full article.