Virasat Experiences – Tours That Reveals The Real India

You keep stumbling upon various tour packages while making your travel plans online, but a very few get what they deserve in the price which they are paying.

Virasat Experiences is worth taking a look when you are looking to explore real India. Here is what Virasat Experiences have to say about them.

“Virasat Experiences” deliver innovative, exclusive tours  that reveal ‘Real India’. We offer unique travel experiences ranging from Heritage Walking Tours to organizing Private Dinners with local host families ; Rural Village excursions, to designing special interest Workshops and Customized Tours. 

We are passionate about bringing you the most inspiring memories – hear about the popular legends , learn about the native  customs and traditions, meet and engage with locals ,explore the remote village communities and be inspired by the beautiful country side.”


Community Based Tourism

At Virasat Experiences we encourage travellers to meet other people, to get acquainted with local culture – to interact and share experiences with locals.

We are committed to promote community based tourism and   rural tourism initiatives in India in alliance with NGO’s, grass-root development agencies and organizations. To promote and encourage the preservation of living heritage, culture and the architectural wonders of India,to empower local communities and provide employment though small scale tourism initiatives.

Responsible Tourism

Erosion of cultural traditions,loss of biodiversity and poverty. These are some of the global challenges, which at the same time are specific to the regions that we operate.

Cultural and Environmental preservation are the core of our approach.We create commercial tourism operations to facilitate sustainable development along with effective ecosystem management.We emphasize the need to create opportunities for locals, specially from Tourism, which until now has barely benefited the local indigenous communities.

Supporting Positive Development

A fair percentage of our profits are channelized towards social and environmental development.The idea  is to assist poor rural and urban population  into more secure and independent community through  judicial use of natural resources, green energy resources, Self Help Groups and  creating micro enterprises.

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